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"God loveth a cheerful giver."

-2 Cor. 9:7-


2015 West Michigan Grace Bible Conferecne
What in the World is Going On?  Grace in Our Culture
Speaker Title Sermon
Bryan Ross How Did We Get to be in the Mess Ve Be In?
Matt Hawley You Want the Truth?  You Can't Handle the Truth!
Bryan Ross God Made All or No God at All?
John Verstegen Human Sexuality:  Why God's Way is the Best Way
Matt Hawley  If Any Man Would Not Work, Neith Should He Eat:  The High Calling of Our Daily Work
John Verstegen Why Christianity Can't Save the World
Matt Hawley Living the Heavently Dream:  Why the American Dream is a Lie
John Verstegen Why the Grace Life is the Best Life

Des Strydom

The Critical Issue Of Preservation

Two Different Bibles

The Effectually Working Word

Steve Ross

The Living And Written Word: What's The Difference?

The Process And People Of Preservation

From Wycliffe to King James: A Brief History of the English Bible

Bud Chryser

The Historical Reliability Of The King James Bible

Bryan Ross

Thy Word Is Truth

The Differences Are Serious

Unrivaled: A Study Of The Cultural And Linguistic Impact Of The King James Bible

Richard Jordan

The Grace Life For Singles  

 Strong Marriages Build Strong Families  

Ron Knight

Marriage Before Family

  The Tight-Rope of Grace  

 Forgetting Those Things Which Are Behind

Des Strydom

How You View God Determines How You Parent  

Delivery Grace to Your Children  

Provoke Not Your Children to Wrath  

Bryan Ross

The Three Needs of Every Child

Richard Jordan

The Pre-prophecy Rapture Of The Church

The Son Of Perdition And The Incarnation Of Evil

The Lord's Prophetic Victory

David Reid

The Reighn Of Righteousness

The Rest Of God And The New Heavens And The New Earth

History's Final Act


Des Strydom

The Great White Throne And The Lake Of Fire

Bryan Ross

The Man Of Sin And The Rise Of Evil

Pastor Richar Jordan

The Origin And Purpose Of Human Government

The Most High Rules In The Kingdoms Of Men

The Government As The Minister Of God

Pastor David Reid

Was The American Revolution Biblically Justified?

Is God Judging America?

God's Redemption Of Human Government

Pastor Bryan Ross

Should Christians Be Communists?