Grace Life School of Theology

Grace Life School of Theology

The Grace Life School of Theology runs in conjunction with the school year.  Classes begin the first Sunday after Labor Day and run through Memorial Day weekend.  Sunday morning class meets at 9:00 A.M.  For course descriptions or access to the audio and notes from these studies click on the appropriate link below.


Miniseries & Individual Lessons

  • The Day Of The Lord Project
  • Through the Bible In Seven Sundays
  • Greek Salads and English Muffins: Understanding the Various Uses of the Condition If Audio | Notes
  • How to Study to Prepare a Lesson
  • Is Absolute Truth Absolutely Necessary?
    • Part 1 (Inadequate Views of Truth)
    • Part 2 (The Correspondence View of Truth)
  • A Tale of Two Constantines: Rethinking Codex Sinaiticus
    • Part 1 (Introduction & Discussion of the Shepard of Hermas)
    • Part 2 (Review & Discussion of the Epistle of Barnabas)
    • Part 3 (History of the Codex & Forensic Evidence)
    • Part 4 (Review of Forensic Evidence & Mark 16)
    • Part 5 (Archaic Mark: A Category One Forgery & Which Part is Scripture?)
    • Part 6 (Codex Vaticanus & Concluding Thoughts)

Bible Conferences